DECLASSIFIED PHOTOS of – ‘B-29’ “Enola Gay”

Forest Arden was the chief flight mechanic of a B-29 stationed at Tinian Island.

His aircraft was parked nearby to the Enola Gay and he watched the loading procedure of the first Atomic Bomb.

He said that security was strictly enforced and no one was allowed to approach to within 100 yards!

Few had any inkling of what was about to occur.

Everyone was astounded at the sudden ending of World War II.

This is an unbelievable set of photos – the REAL thing – pictures from Tinian Island as the B-29 “Enola Gay” was being loaded.

You will notice the “Top Secret” stamp on some of the photos.

In the last few photo’s notice the CRUDE sheet metal work on the casing and fins of “Little Boy” – the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

Click on the Photo Gallery to see the de-clasified photo’s.

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