Rules of Membership Jackpot

in response to membership requests, please find below our Official "Rules of Membership Jackpot" as at July 2018.

Rules of Membership Jackpot

1. Held on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 6 pm and Fridays from 6:15pm to 7:15pm

2. The Main Jackpot is held as a twice-weekly series of draws over 10 weeks (20 draws). It starts at draw number 1with a $50.00 jackpot and increases by $50.00 per running until struck. It then reverts to $50.00 for the following draw. At draw number 20 the remaining Jackpot balance ($1,000 less total wins paid in the previous 19 draws) must be won and that Jackpot series is then complete. A new Main Jackpot draw series then commences for the next night’s jackpot draw with the same rules.

3. Financial members may buy a maximum of two numbers being their own membership number & their partner’s (but the partner must be present in the club at the time of the Main Jackpot draw) until an announcement is made 30 minutes before the closing of the Jackpot that the membership draw is now open to all members and guests to cover any number not already sold.

4. To avoid trading delays & interruptions staff members who are on duty may purchase their Main Jackpot and Mini Jackpot numbers prior to the Jackpot opening. The organisers will allocate the Mini Jackpot numbers chosen by each staff member before the Mini Jackpot becomes open to other members & guests. If any number chosen by such a staff member in the Mini Jackpot is already taken, then the organisers will allocate an alternative number.

5. The cost per number will be $1.00.

6. After the closing of the sale of the Jackpot numbers the person running it will balance the money received with the numbers sold, these should be the same.

7. The amount available for the Mini Jackpot is then calculated.

8. The Main Jackpot winning number is drawn on the bar point of sale system which randomly selects a membership number from all current financial members.

9. The drawn number and name is displayed & announced with the member given a maximum of one minute to present themselves. If present, they collect the Main Jackpot amount whether or not they have purchased their own membership number. The Main Jackpot winning number is then checked against the ticket sales record for the Mini Jackpot to see if it has been taken by that person. If so, they collect the Mini Jackpot also.

10. In draws number 1 to 19 if the winning Main Jackpot number drawn has not been struck/claimed the main jackpot is finished and the pool will increase by $50 for the next night’s jackpot. In the case of draw number 20, it is drawn again until struck. When draw number 20 is re-drawn the winning number in the Mini Jackpot is deemed to be the first number drawn and all subsequent Main Jackpot draws are for the purpose of finding the winner of the Main Jackpot only.

11. If the Main Jackpot winning number in the Mini Jackpot has been taken by a different person (to the Main Jackpot winner) then that person collects the Mini Jackpot only.

12. The club is to be checked for the presence of that member before proceeding with another Mini Jackpot draw.

13. All subsequent Mini Jackpot draws are to be drawn by a club member or guest using the Super-Draw electronic raffle system. The Mini Jackpot draw continues to be drawn until it is won.

14. Whenever possible a scrutineer should be present to confirm the name of the Mini Jackpot winner from the ticket sales record before announcing the winner’s name.

15. No member may cover a number with another member’s name, who will not be in the club at the time of the draw except that any first response member (Ambulance/Police/Fireman/Doctor etc) who is called to an emergency after having already taken his/her number shall remain in the draw. In this case, an announcement is to be made before the draw that they are still eligible.

16. Once the jackpot is opened for the taking of other numbers any person may take as many numbers as they want.

17. On completion of the draw, the results are to be posted on the notice board provided.


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